Nutrition & FAQ

Our Story

Brothers Max & Graham Fortgang founded MatchaBar in 2014, establishing the first  matcha cafe in the country. Two years later, they launched the world’s first ceremonial grade bottled matcha. With cafes in New York & Los Angeles and the MatchaFam behind them, the brothers embarked on a mission to share better energy with the world.

Our Matcha

We are proud to serve our very own blend of ceremonial grade matcha sourced directly from a family business in Kagoshima, Japan. This partnership is the foundation of our business and we make a pilgrimage to the farm every May for the spring harvest! All of our matcha is blended by a 10th grade “chasi” (tea master), one of 10 in the world with this certification!

Our Founders

Back in 2014, brothers Max & Graham Fortgang were in the midst of pursuing what they like to call the Hustle: juggling school, pursuing careers and holding down jobs to make ends meet.

Max, President and co-founder worked at galleries and museums while holding down jobs in the food & beverage world. Graham, MatchaBar’s CEO and fellow co-founder followed his entrepreneurial spirit with his own event production company in the world of music.

While their commitment to their hustles never wavered, their reliance on coffee and energy drinks was getting them down. In response, they started seeking a better energy, discovered matcha, and the rest is history....